About Us

Why shop with UtilityGenius™ Commercial Storefront?

Encentiv Energy makes energy efficiency programs accessible, affordable, and actionable by helping utilities connect with more of their commercial customers. Since 2009, Encentiv has worked to improve how the market accesses utility programs. This began with software solutions that connected manufacturer products to every rebate program across the country, simplifying the rebate process and accelerating the sale of high-efficient products.

In an effort to make rebate information more accessible, we launched UtilityGenius, a free public energy efficiency platform, in late 2021. Our mission is to provide quick and easy access to utility rebate estimates and program information alongside qualified products to educate customers on product efficiency and cost-savings through utility rebates. Since its public launch, UtilityGenius has become a one-stop resource for commercial customers just like you and is now well-recognized, with a widget on the ENERGY STAR® Energy Efficiency Rebates for Commercial Buildings page and other similar energy efficiency regional organizations and contractor sites.

Rebates & ecommerce are not mutually exclusive

As a Con Edison Participating Contractor, we are looking to simplify your rebate journey even further with the UtilityGenius ™ Commercial Storefront. In this online storefront, Con Edison commercial customers can purchase LED lighting products from trusted suppliers with rebates applied to the order total in the cart, no application necessary.

The UtilityGenius ™ Commercial Storefront is only open to Con Edison commercial customers. Your account will be verified before checkout. Please have the account number and address information ready before purchase.

Product costs displayed on UtilityGenius ™ Commercial Storefront have been determined by the supplier. Rebate amounts displayed on the site are based on the Con Edison Instant Lighting Incentive Program.

All projects will be subject to post-inspection requiring a copy of the customer invoice and access to the installation site. Refusal to cooperate with these requests will result in a failed inspection. If it is determined during post-inspection that you do not qualify for the rebate, the credit card used for payment will be charged for the remainder of your order (any ineligible rebate sums).

Shipping costs and discounts have been set by the supplier. Products will ship from the selected supplier(s), please contact them for any questions regarding shipping.