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2x4 Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit - Two 4ft Strips - 32W / 5,000 lm - Cool White (5000K)

2x4 Magnetic LED Retrofit Kit - Two 4ft Strips - 32W / 5,000 lm - Cool White (5000K)

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  • Wattage: 32.0
  • Lumens: 4600.0
  • Efficacy: 143.75
  • CCT: 5000.0
  • Lifespan: 50000
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Product Description

Mann Manufacturing Services Inc. 2X4STRPD32W50

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Install in Seconds

This easy-install magnetic strip kit makes converting old 4-foot fluorescent fixtures to efficient LEDs quicker and easier than ever before. No need to upgrade or wire any tombstone socketsthis linear lighting retrofit kit eliminates both tombstones and ballast altogether. Simply connect your existing fixture to the driver, quick-connect the driver to the magnetic LED strips, pop the magnetic-backed strips and driver to the inside of your fixture, and you're done.

Highly Versatile Lighting

The strip lights may be placed close together or farther apart within the fixture, giving you more control over your lighting than is possible with tubes. In addition, this kit, which runs on standard line voltage, can be attached to any metal surfaceworkbenches, trusses, the walls of steel buildings, metal shelving, file cabinets, refrigerators, commercial kitchens, production equipment, and moreallowing you to add light wherever it is needed.

Top-Quality Guarantee

You can trust these LED strips to last your company an average of 50,000 operating hours, with no maintenance needed. The light is approved for damp locations, is ETL-certified, and comes backed by a 5-year warranty. This LED retrofit kit, just like all ELEDLights products, is approved by our in-house engineering team, so you can be sure that the product you receive is guaranteed to work exactly as intended.

Energy-Savings and Rebate-Eligibility

By making the switch from energy-sapping fluorescents in your office, warehouse, or other indoor location, you will save over 50% in overhead costs each month. In addition to these energy savings, you can also reduce the payback period on your lighting investment by receiving utility rebates this DLC 5.1 product is eligible for!

Whats Included:

This 32W retrofit kit comes with two 4ft LED strip lights with magnetic backing and a high-quality, magnetic-backed 0-10V dimmable driver. An emergency back-up driver is available as an optional accessory.

How to Install an LED Retrofit Kit

Product Specs

Mann Manufacturing Services Inc.
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Continuous Dimming to 10% or below
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