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Selectable LUX LED Flood Light - 100W to 300W

Selectable LUX LED Flood Light - 100W to 300W

Original Retail Price: $374.29

ConEd Instant Discount: -$81.00 per unit
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  • Wattage: 300.0
  • Lumens: 40200.0
  • Efficacy: 134.0
  • CCT: 3000.0
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Product Description

Mann Manufacturing Services Inc. FLOOD45D300WSCSU

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Flexible, Customizable Commercial-Grade Flood Lighting

With the HQ series of LED flood lights, you can select the best color temperature and power output during installation, for the ultimate in on-site versatility. Each model comes with neutral 4000K, warmer 3000K, and cool 5000K CCT settings and a power-adjustable driver that can be set to run at 30%, 50%, 75%, or 100% power for maximum brightness, or maximum energy savings.

Get exactly the right tone and amount of illumination for each lighting location.

  • Dimming capability built in for even more control over your illumination and energy costs
  • Great for bulk buying: power & CCTselectability allows these lights cover a range of different applications while taking advantage of quantity discounts
  • IP66-rated housing for protection against bugs, dust, and powerful jets of water
  • IK08-rated for protection against impact to the fixture
  • Wide operating temperature range ensures performance in both cold and hot environments
  • NEMA beam spread of 7Hx6V (65 x 95) is excellent for wide-area illumination, making it suitable for illuminating large open spaces like parking lots and tennis courts, building facades and signage, security lighting, and landscape features that benefit from broader illumination, such as large garden areas, trees, or water features
  • Covered by 10KV surge protection in case of electrical issues and emergencies.
  • Lightweight construction, weighing only 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
  • Comes standard with a trunnion U-bracket; slipfitter mount is available for pole mountingsee this light's accessories below
  • Eligible for energy efficiency incentives and rebates that can reduce the cost per fixture when upgrading from older lighting, including older LED lighting
  • Backed by a 5-year manufacturers warranty and covered by our 30-day risk-free return policy

Brighten your property while cutting your spending. These flood lights do the work of HID alternatives at fraction of the energy cost. Install our versatile high-quality power and color selectable flood lights on your property & enjoy the beauty of a well-lit space.

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Mann Manufacturing Services Inc.
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Continuous Dimming to 10% or below
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