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80W MaxLite Open Face LED Wall Pack Color Selectable - 9,600 lm - 120 lm/W - Control Ready

80W MaxLite Open Face LED Wall Pack Color Selectable - 9,600 lm - 120 lm/W - Control Ready

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  • Wattage: 79.35
  • Lumens: 9653.9
  • Efficacy: 121.66
  • CCT: 3000.0
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Choose YourColor Temperature

Brightly illuminate a variety of outdoor spaces on your commercial property with only one type of fixture. Since this MaxLite wall pack can have a lighting color temperature of 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K, different areassuch as entrances & exits, parking garages, and outdoor walkwayscan have lighting that suits their specific applications. This is especially great for buying in bulk!

Ready for Smart Controls

This LED wall pack is equipped with a USB slot that is compatible with our MaxLite Smart Sensor line. Choose the sensor that will work best for your companys needs, now or later, and the plug-and-play node can be easily installed in the field. Our MaxLite Control Ready fixtures are the ultimate future-proofing solution; add smart controls at any point as the needs in your building evolve.

Increase Safety & Decrease Overhead

Improve security around your hotel, school, hospital, or business with 9,600 lumens of light from this 80W wall pack. For times and places where less brightness is needed, you can also control the light output with 0-10V dimming. This controllability, matched with the energy-efficiency of LEDs, will result in illumination when and where its needed most, plus, much lower energy bills each month.

Get Lighting Built-to-Last

Rather than waste time and money replacing disposable lighting, choose long-lasting LEDs that you can depend on. Designed with shatter-resistant glass and IP65-rated, corrosion-resistant housing that is completely sealed from debris, bugs, and water, this light is built to withstand years of wear and tear. Each one is UL-certified for quality and inspected by our in-house engineering team to ensure it works exactly as intended. Plus, this light is backed by a 10-year MaxLite warranty that includes a labor allowance.

Switch and Save

The semi-cutoff style ensures light is projected outward and downward, but not upward. This design, plus the efficiency of LEDs, results in eliminating unnecessary energy usage. Replace your energy-sapping 250W metal halides with these efficient LED wall packs and you could reduce your energy bill by over 65%. Plus, since this is a DLC 5.1 product, your project could be eligible for utility rebates that can lower costs even further!

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Continuous Dimming to 10% or below
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