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LED Linear High Bay - 130W / 18,200 lm - 4000K (Natural White)

LED Linear High Bay - 130W / 18,200 lm - 4000K (Natural White)

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  • Wattage: 130.0
  • Lumens: 18000.0
  • Efficacy: 138.0
  • CCT: 4000.0
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Product Description

Mann Manufacturing Services Inc. LPM-LHB5-130-40-UL-WH

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Quickly and easily outfit large commercial buildings like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail locations, and other high-ceiling applications with our Compact 130W Linear LED High Bay. Receive more fixtures per box, thanks to the small 1x1 size, which also makes installing a breeze. Meanwhile, it still puts out illumination equivalent to competitors' 1x2 LED linear high bays.

Compact-Design Highlights:

  • Weighs just over 7 lbs
  • Makes 1-person installs simple
  • Allows 3X more products to be put on a lift
  • Allows 2X more to fit on a pallet or shelf
  • Requires 75% less packaging

Save on Time and Labor Costs

At half the size, this high bay is easier to handle, store, and install than comparable productsand you wont have to decrease fixture spacing. It is the perfect cost-effective high bay for bulk installs, providing brightness and convenience in a small package. The space-saving, contractor-friendly packaging of this product helps installations go about 30% faster than a typical budget-friendly high bay. The result? Lower electrician labor costs for you.

Glare-Control Optics

The glare-reducing lenses of this product are engineered to meet current DLC standards for UGR (glare rating), providing easy-on-the-eyes illumination.

Cut Energy Usage in Half

Swap out inefficient lighting options like:

  • 6-lamp T8 fluorescent lights
  • 250W HID fixtures

By making the switch to our 130W LED equivalent, you will reduce monthly energy costs by approximately 50%. Those savings alone will pay off your initial investment in less than 3 years. That will leave over 2 years still on your warranty after the payback period for just straight savings.

Get Cost-Reducing Rebates

Since this linear high bay is DLC-qualified, it is eligible for rebates across the USA. Depending on your utility company, up to 100% of your lighting upgrade costs could be covered! Check out the rebates available in your area with the rebate assistant chat at the top of this page.

Special Order Models (Contact us for more details)

Motion-Detection Lighting

To improve safety, security, and energy savings, you can special order the motion sensing version of this compact LED high bay.

Emergency Lighting

A version of this fixture can be special ordered with a factory-installed backup battery. It will provide 90 minutes of 900-lumen lighting during power outages.

Product Specs

Mann Manufacturing Services Inc.
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Continuous Dimming to 10% or below
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