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Selectable LUX UFO LED High Bay - High Bay (100W-200W)

Selectable LUX UFO LED High Bay - High Bay (100W-200W)

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  • Wattage: 200.0
  • Lumens: 30018.0
  • Efficacy: 150.09
  • CCT: 4000.0
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Product Description

Mann Manufacturing Services Inc. HD120HB382002CCTULBL

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The Ultimate in Flexibility: TheWattage & Color Selectable LED High Bay

Whether you're fitting out a warehouse, sports facility, or commercial retail space, our innovative HQ SeriesWattage & Color Selectable LED High Bays adapt to your unique needs with field-selectablewattage and color temperature settings. You're able to choose from multiple wattage and color temperature settings at your facility, during installation. This makes the lights fully adaptable to varying ceiling heights and lighting needs across your facility.

The Low Bay model acts as a 60W, 80W, or 100W LED luminaire, delivering a luminous brilliance equivalent to metal halide fixtures ranging from 125W to 250W. Use with ceilings from 12ft to 20ft.

The High Bay model can be set to 100W, 120W, 150W, or 200W, providing illumination equivalent to 250W to 750W metal halide lamps at a third of the energy cost. Use with ceilings up through 30 ft high.

Both models allow to select neutral white 4000K or cool white 5000K during installation.

Key Features

In addition to its flexibility and versatility, the HQ LED Series is packed with features you'd expect from a top-of-the-line high ceiling lighting solution. These include:

  • Operating efficiency of up to 150 lumens per Watt
  • Built-in dimming capability with optional PIR motion sensor for additional lighting control
  • Heavy-duty IP65 & IK08 rated housing, reliable in temperatures ranging from -22F to 122F
  • Popular 120 beam angle, changeable to 90 or 60 with easy-install accessory lens
  • Emergency driver available to keep lights on during power outages
  • Compact size that does not compromise light distribution or heat dissipation
  • For installers, distributors, and installers, save inventory space and investment: each model covers a number of wattage/CCT configurations, reducing the number of SKUs you need to stock. Quantity discounts are available for bulk purchases.
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty backed by ELEDLights' responsive customer support team

Built to Last

While the field-selectable features are a recent addition, the design and build quality have a rock-solid reputation. We've sold more than 15,000 LED high bay fixtures from this product family, which speaks volumes about customer satisfaction and product reliability.

Choose ourWattage & Color Temperature Selectable LED High Bay for a flexible, efficient, and reliable lighting solution. Your facilities deserve the bestand with the HQ Series of LED High Bay Lights, that's exactly what you get.

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Mann Manufacturing Services Inc.
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Continuous Dimming to 10% or below
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