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LED Shoebox Area Light - 300W / 42,000 lumens

LED Shoebox Area Light - 300W / 42,000 lumens

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  • Wattage: 300.0
  • Lumens: 42000.0
  • Efficacy: 140.0
  • CCT: 5000.0
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Product Description

Mann Manufacturing Services Inc. SBM5T3D300UD50

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High Levels of Brightness + High Levels of Savings

The 300W LED Shoebox Area Light replacesand provides enormous energy savings in comparison to1000W metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) outdoor area lighting. By making the switch, your company will cut energy overhead by 70%! It is deal for mid- to large-sized parking lots, university and industrial campuses, car dealerships, sports parks, marine harbors, and other public areas that need a high level of illumination.

Bright & Rugged Parking Lot Luminaire

The 300W shoebox fixture features rugged, one-piece die-cast aluminum housing that is fully sealed to prevent contamination by moisture, dust, dirt, insects, or other debris. The housings low-profile design minimizes wind load requirements. Due to its 3G vibration rating, this fixture can be used for roadways, including along bridges and overpasses.

Easy Installation and Beam Angle Options

  • Can be installed by 1 person, keeping labor costs low.
  • Recommended mounting height is 40-50 feet.
  • Comes standard with a Type 3 light distribution.
  • Type 4 and Type 5 distributions are available for special order.

A Mounting Bracket for Every Requirement

Because every application is different, we offer a range of mounting hardware. Select the appropriate mounting bracket when you place your order.

Pole Mount

For use with 4" and 5" square or round poles

Up/Down Adjustable Pole Mount

For use with 4" and 5" square or round poles


For use with 2-3/8" OD horizontal steel tenon arms.

Wall Mount

For building facades - use 0.5" conduit wiring or J-box mounting.

Yoke Mount

For installing the fixture at an angle, like a flood light.

Add Daylight-Detecting Controls

By adding a plug-and-play optional photocell to each shoebox light on your property, you will ensure they are only in-use when needed. This will reduce monthly energy overhead even further than simply switching to LEDs. With daylight-sensing capability added, each shoebox will be fully bright in the dark, dim in low-to-moderate levels of light, and then turn completely off during the day.

Product Specs

Mann Manufacturing Services Inc.
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Continuous Dimming to 10% or below
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